Monday, May 2, 2011

Biography, Scattershot
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A Scattershot Biography


Image by Profound Whatever

9) I write screenplays

What does this film major do in his spare time? He writes; let me hear your gasps of surprise.

I started writing my first screenplay in my second year of high school, and it was terrible. It was a comedy called "One of Those Days," and it was a sorry collection of smarmy jokes and bad ideas. It's gone now, and its death was unceremonious. Trust me, it was awful.

I hope I've gotten better. I write what I'd want to see, but that's not the best framework with which to judge what I've written. I write what interests me. I write because I'm inspired by the movies I see. I have 11 projects in the works, in genres ranging from film noir to spaghetti western. I've got dark comedy with a pistol and a spinning ceiling fan. I've got Dante's "Inferno" brought to the 1950s Nevada desert. I've got an "All the world's a stage" mystery where - as they say - nothing is what it seems. If I've piqued your interest, good: I'll need the attention if these things ever get off the ground. But I'm not going to be the one to make them.

I have no desire to direct, and that's rare for film majors. I don't want to run the show. I'm sticking to writing. I'll always be happiest putting words on a page.

One of the greatest moments I've ever had was typing a centered "THE END" on the last page of my first completed script. That's what I'll work for.

Pictured: That first THE END.

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Darwin: A Graphic Biography


Image by Simon Gurr

When Eugene and I put together a proposal back in 2006/7 the cover depicted Darwin and an iguana in close-up. As the book neared completion we felt a new image was needed. Even after 2 years and several different ideas I ended up returning to the original composition of two heads, but realised an ape was a much more appropriate animal.

The choice of orang-utan was inspired by Jenny the famous resident of London Zoo who Darwin is known to have visited.

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